Yes, you can repair your damaged gut!

Gut Rebuild Nutrients is a powerful blend that helps to repair and soothe the intestinal lining. It also promotes regularity.

Could your gut healing use a boost?

While dietary and lifestyle changes are critical to your healing a leaky gut, it’s possible to achieve results faster with the right supplements.

Gut Rebuild Nutrients contains natural ingredients that have been shown to speed healing of the intestinal lining, decrease inflammation, encourage the growth of healthier gut bacteria, and promote healthy bowel function.

Heal My Gut Now

The ingredients in Gut Rebuild Nutrients are backed by research.

There is a significant body of research into supplementation with glutamine, the main active ingredient in Gut Rebuild Nutrients:

  • A meta-analysis (the highest level of scientific evidence) found
    • Glutamine reduced leaky gut and markers of intestinal damage.1
  • One randomized control trial found
    • In patients with IBS and in leaky gut, ‘oral dietary glutamine supplements dramatically and safely reduced all major IBS-related endpoints.’ 2
  • A review of several studies concluded
    • ‘Inflammation has been shown to be a cause of intestinal diseases, such as ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, and colorectal cancer… Several lines of evidence indicate that glutamine has an anti-inflammatory property…’ 3
  • Another research review states
    • ‘Glutamine supplementation can improve gut barrier function in several experimental conditions of injury and in some clinical situations.’ 4
    • This was echoed by yet another review.5
  • Not all data show benefit with glutamine (it did not affect active Crohn’s disease6), but glutamine is certainly worth a trial.

Other human studies support the healing role of additional active ingredients:

  • Licorice and Slippery Elm
    • ‘Significantly improved both bowel habit and IBS symptoms in patients with constipation-predominant IBS.’ 7
  • Licorice and Chamomile
    • Shown to be ‘safe and effective in the treatment of mild gastrointestinal disorders…’ 8
  • Aloe vera
    • ‘Effective and safe for the treatment of patients with IBS compared to placebo. 9
  • Prunes
    • ‘May be a promising intervention for the management of constipation and increasing stool weight…’ 10
  • Zinc carnosine
    • ‘Stabilizes gut mucosa.’ 11
    • Reduces diarrhea. 12

A powerful blend of natural ingredients

The ingredients in Gut Rebuild Nutrients are carefully blended and work together to:

Improve the structure, integrity, and function of intestinal cells and the mucosal layer.
Coat and soothe the intestinal lining.
Promote the growth of healthy bacteria.
Gently aid occasional irregularity and improve bowel function.

Gut Rebuild Nutrients is 100% natural

Gut Rebuild Nutrients is made with non-GMO ingredients and is sweetened with organic stevia. It is also free from common allergens:

• Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Peanut-free, Soy-free
• Egg-free, Tree Nut-free, Fish-free, Crustacean-free
• No artificial flavors, sweeteners, or MSG
• No preservatives

Simply mix the powder into any beverage or add it to smoothies and make it part of your gut repair program.

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