The missing piece to optimal gut health & immune health is finally here.

ISF (Intestinal Support Formula) can lead to a healthier intestinal lining, improved nutrient absorption and an overall healthier you.

Do you feel like nothing is working for your gut?

You’ve likely improved your diet, and perhaps used probiotics, enzymes or even antimicrobial herbs. If you’re still not feeling well, the immune system in your gut could be the missing link. This is where Intestinal Support Formula is unique.

Intestinal Support Formula (ISF) binds to and deactivates gut irritants (toxins and microbes) — reducing the immune & inflammatory response — leading to a healthier intestinal lining, improved nutrient absorption and a healthier you.

There are essentially two things you need in
order to have a healthy gut.

To have a healthy gut, one that is not inflamed or leaky and that can optimally absorb nutrients, you need:

A healthy microbiota

(the colony of bacteria and fungus)

A healthy immune system

(housing these bacteria and fungus)

A healthy gut!

Preliminary clinical research has shown this to be true – this is not speculation

To date, nine quality trials, in humans, have shown improvement with Intestinal Support Formula (ISF). 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

The research has even shown that, 10 in those who have not fully responded to other gut treatments ISF can make the difference. ISF has been shown to help patients who did not respond to treatments like diet, probiotics, antimicrobials and soothing agents.

This is worth repeating. In a study by Weinstock: 11

  • Patients were diagnosed with either SIBO, IBS or both
  • Then offered a few different treatments
  • In those who did not respond to any treatment, they were given ISF
  • A 75% response rate was noted!

More Science

The evidence supporting ISF also includes one randomized, placebo-controlled trial 12 and one large survey of 595 patients wherein 67% reported benefit from ISF. 13

In a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study, Intestinal Support Formula caused a significant improvement in: 14 abdominal pain, flatulence, urgency, loose stools, bloating or any symptom.

What is Intestinal Support Formula?

A blend of immunoglobulins that act to bind and neutralize toxins in the gut. These are naturally occurring in humans. You have many types of immunoglobulins in your gut right now.

These immunoglobulins are free of casein, whey, lactose, soy, gluten, and dye.

I don’t ever want to be without it – I take it every day.

“I am amazed with the results of immunoglobulin capsules. My husband and I both tried it at 4-8 caps/day, and here’s what we noticed. It improved our complexions, stopped us from getting colds that had started that day (within 4-6 hours we weren’t sick anymore) and prevented food poisoning in Mexico that a person in our party got, but we didn’t (we shared the same lunch but he didn’t take immunoglobulin and had diarrhea all night). I also think it helped my bloating and expanded my food tolerances a little too. It also lowered my genetic high cholesterol into normal range, which is a miracle. Just one of these would have made it a keeper but with all these benefits my feeling is, I don’t ever want to be without it – I take it every day.

Based on my personal experience, I would recommend SIBO patients (or anyone) take 2-4,000 mg immunoglobulins when traveling to food poisoning prone destinations. And due to it’s ability to bind bacterial endotoxin (LPS) and it’s gut healing properties, it would be an excellent addition to SIBO protocols.”

-Dr. Allison Siebecker

Instructor of Advanced Gastroenterology at NUNM,
IBS Board of Advisor & Faculty for the GI Health Foundation
One exciting study found ISF lowered cholesterol (19).

How does ISF help when other treatments have failed?

Simple. ISF binds to irritants like bacteria and toxins. 15, 16, 17 These irritants start a cascade of:

immune activation and inflammation
which then damages the
gut lining
leading to further immune activation and inflammation
furthering leaky gut

…and thus a downward spiral is initiated. ISF helps stop this cycle and allows healing to begin. Due to its healing effect, Intestinal Support Formula may even improve nutrient absorption. 18

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